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Pegasus was created to help passionate entrepreneurs grow their startups into strong, scalable & successful companies. Our structure is built around each client. We give you the freedom to continue doing what you do best, while we take care of the rest; we provide access to high-quality talent and additional capital from the right investors for your company, we provide workspace at our facilities and extensive hands-on mentorship. Our portfolio companies also benefit from a variety of cost-based or highly discounted services including hosting, legal, banking and more. We are very hands on. We expect to win. We want to see our companies succeed and provide what it takes to make it happen.


Pegasus Human Recources (PHR) was founded to use the partners experience to help startups and early stage companies succeed. Human resources are one of the most important “assets” of your business. The individuals in your organization drive its success, whether they are employees, managers, consultants or others. HR refers to the recruitment and management of personnel, in compliance with the law. Thus, the practice of HR requires knowledge of the laws that affect your workplace – at the federal, state and local levels. In addition to legal compliance, HR covers the art of managing your business internally. This challenge includes:

Workforce Planning

Compensation or Benefits Packages

Support and Training

Company Brand and Environment

Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Postings

The Interview Process and Employee Orientation

Culture Explained

Motivating Employees and Dealing with Stress


Our founders knew providing real career and life experience from experts in their fields had value in the global marketplace. Pegasus vision is to “bring mentoring to the clients” faster and within their budget while still offering a high-quality experience.

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